About Us

Mozi Communications was set up in 2013 to provide ‘real’ English learning opportunities through its English communication academy (Mozi Café Real English) along with the subsequent Japanese/English communication services division (Mozi MultiLingual). The principals are native speakers of English and Japanese with international business backgrounds.

Our Philosophy

        Our communication philosophy is based on a 3 stage cycle of adaption, communication and rapport.


        This process involves the translation of the base language into a raw form which is adapted to produce a communication ready document or medium. As a consequence rapport is readily established with the target audience leading to objective realization (results). This process is validated by the client’s feedback evaluation.

Our Team

We are a motivated group of multilingual and bilingual professionals with well-honed communication skills: translating, sales and marketing, web design / implementation, SEO, rewriting, proof reading and copy writing.  

Our Strengths

  • We are highly motivated and versatile.
  • We provide a wide range of specialist translations.
  • We are fast, efficient and competitive.