Our team of native speakers is primed for rapid, effective and accurate translations into or out of English, Japanese and Korean. Source documents and media can be in their original form or partially translated by your organization using AI translation applications and your acquired English knowledge. Effective, efficient rewriting and proof reading is also our specialty! 



Our translators are targeted to your specific needs for translations you can trust. 


Urgent translations are welcome and in most cases a 24 hour service is available.

Individual & Small Business Services


Be Prepared!! The 2019 rugby world cup has been and gone but now the 2020 Olympics invasion will soon hit us. Tourism is expected to continue to soar throughout the 20/20's. Effective communication is essential to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

Our translation/rewriting services include:

-      Official documents (certification), records resumes etc.

-      Menus and Services lists

-      Price lists with accompanying explanations.

-      Food, dishes, products and services explanations and information

-      Sales and promotion signs and leaflets

-      Technical and instruction manuals

-      Site directions and notices

-      Safety instructions and notices           

-      Website – translation and set up

-      Rewriting and proof reading


Refer to our fees guidelines and contact us for a free quote!    

Larger Business Services

Rewriting, proof reading and copy writing is our forte and therefore our services can be used for checking and ensuring an appropriate writing style is achieved with final documents and media. We work from either original material or partially/fully translated documents. 

We can help you with your:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technical
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Visual Media - Website/Video
  • Subtitling
  • Video transcription
  • Online marketing
  • Presentations
  • Operating and safety manuals
  • Academic papers
  • Plans and Designs – subtitles/explanations
  • Letters and emails
  • Children books  


Refer to our fees guidelines and contact us for a free quote!